“Ben kept me informed throughout the process and being that I was out of state, this was especially important and reassuring to me. He explained what I needed to do and why and consistently responded to my questions promptly. He gave good advice on reducing the price when there was no interest expressed initially and I trusted his judgment. He found reliable and trustworthy professionals to tend to the needs of the property to ensure a timely closing which benefitted both me as the seller and the buyer. Ben was consistently professional, helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.”   


  “I would hire Ben to be my real estate agent again in a heartbeat. He went out of his way for us without being asked to and everything he did for us is greatly appreciated. I can’t thank him enough. Job well done Ben. “  


  “My house was sold really quick. It just took a little longer because it was an FHA loan, which had to do with the buyer not Ben. Ben kept end us well informed as to what was going on. I was impatient and he would always calm me down with his words of wisdom. I would have him again if I were to sell again. Job well done Ben.”


  “Went above and beyond to help me buy my house! Great guy that will do anything for you! Has a great construction background that helps! Wouldn't use anyone else now that I have worked with Ben.”   


  “There was nothing I felt could be improved. The whole process went flawlessly and Ben did an outstanding job with everything. I couldn't be happier.”